Park Hopping….and Skipping

So today was my second day of classes. I had history first which was cool and the teacher is quite interesting. She opened as well with a deovtion and prayer. It seems we will be doing much research. I don’t know much about it yet. After that I had a break for awhile and went back and relaxed until Old Testament. I rode the trolley all the way across campus!!! Don’t worry, I will rarely do it because I need to exercise. There will be no freshman 15 for me!!! So after an overwhelming class of OT, I went to College Writing. It seems just like a high school class and she seems very easy. We will be writing quite a few papers, but I am excited.

So tonight there was another block party Brent, Adina, Rachel, and I hung out at for awhile. I chatted with a girl named Yulia (just say Julia) who is Russian. She was pretty cool. Afterwards we went back to the coffeehouse and hung out for awhile and got a group and walked over to a park off campus for awhile. It seems this is the place everyone goes to do their drugs and make-out. It was a nice park though. We left some people behind and went to a park across from my dorm and hung out for awhile and Jason Rodriguez from the 4th floor brought his guitar. It was fun.

Now I am studying and typing up Biology notes.


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