Muy Caliente el Dia Dos

So, day two was hot (for those of you who are German or French and don’t know the best foriegn language and food: Spanish). After waking up at the crack of dawn, we were tortured with three or so hours of sessions with no powerpoints due to technology failing to do it’s duty. After that we were treated to a sack lunch in a room that I swear was 60 degrees. They released us soon afterwards and we tried to do some stuff in the sun. Yeah…laugh…it was a record high. And…laugh…I attempted 3-on-3 basketball. I wasn’t too too too bad. Nah, it was fun. So I hung out and watched some Halo gaming and went to the Dedication ceremony. Boy those gals can sing. Voices of Lee rocks…and when a guy who was doing a solo went to step back up on the stand, he went up so smoothly I thought God was taking him home. Yes…I was falling asleep. After that I went to a Stand-Up buffet (FREE) and chatted with some cool gals. I walked around and chatted with Alabama and watched the Flames Soccer game (my first sports event!!). Now I am back in my dorm and we are hanging out in the “living room” and switch back and forth watching “Big Fish”. Adios!


My car tag! Sweet, eh? Just wait until I show you our id card…it will blow you away!

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