Two Blogs Gone Digital

[In 2007, both blogs merged and became “Big Fish”]
Alright, I have been battling over whether to have just one blog or two blog with one being devoted to just college life. Well, after many fights with my other self we decieded to have two. So I will have Big Fish and Lee Life. Big Fish will be just what is going on in my life as well as be my official blog when I am at home or on holidays. So my first entry in Lee Life will be Friday with pictures of packing and my room and possibly roomate Brent. Sweet, eh? Trent and Brent’s Room. Sweet.

So I went to Six Flags for a few hours last friday and was blessed to be one of the last few hundred riders on the Great Gasp (See pics below). It was a fun day with my pals Adam, Luke, Andrew, CW, and issaC. We got to ride Superman, Batman, Monster Plantation, Mindbender, and Gasp. I had to leave for work at 2:15.

So I was treated tonight to a nice dinner at Chili’s with my family. I was suprised to recieve a most awesome gift: a digital camer, case, and charger. I was so shocked when I got it. I thought it was an iPod case. I wasn’t even expecting a gift, just a dinner, desert, and go home. So, it was cool of them to do that for me. So now it is winding up some projects I have been working on and packing like crazy.


Cassi and I taking our last “Gasp”.

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