Man Under Construction

One of the things I’ve struggled with alot in the past few years is being the man God wants me to be. It’s been tough, because the world tries to make you the man they want you to be. It’s been cool to see God reveal to me how different I am from who I used to be and how I get no pleasure out of things I used to think made me happy.

16 Dang more days till Lee! I am seriously rocking myself in the corner of the room trying to make the days go by faster. Tonight was sad as I gave the reigns over to a little kid in middle school to run MediaShout! and all the media in youth groups. I’ve been slowly spacing myself from the youth group because I know it’s my time to go. Tonight rocked as my buddy Andrew at North GA played with the praise band and we had an extended worship service and an excellent message from Luke Dawg. I’m guessing this is his last Wed. So I topped off my misery of leaving alot behind with a little shake and cheese fries from Steak ‘N Shake.


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