Death and Dissapontment

Tonight’s sermon at youth groups was awesome and uplifting. Four people talked about each season and how they interpret it. Summer – working. Fall – can’t remember (and my Youth Pastor did that one!). Winter – complacency and purity. Spring – growth. The messages from each person really comforted me and will hopefully help give me more a boost to get out of this nasty winter.

I’ve been dissapointed by this Christian message board lately that calls themselves “Christian”, but rarely shows it. It is full of selfishness, profanity, and non-moral things. It really dissapointed me, and I saw people who joined the forums, have been wrongfully dealt with. I replied to a topic anonymously when they began to diss Christian Music and some artists I have personal connections with. They alled them hypocrites, immoral, unrealistic, fake, crappy, and untalented. That was the last straw. I wrote saying how dissapointed I was with the atmosphere and language of the board and the staff members. They replied back with their usual style…smartmouthing and self-centered. I am waiting for a day to cool of and then I might reply. In the mean time, at my message board, I have my whole staff involved in checking the message board out and the topic I replied to and we are discussing the whole situation.

I just found out my great-uncle died. Last weekend when we were up in Virgina celebrating my granfather’s life, we almost lost him then. He had a huge mass of cancer over his lung that was inoperable, so that was what pretty much killed him. He had already had throat cancer and lost his vocal chords. He was a compassionate and caring person, and I will miss him. Now he is with his wife and parents.

In other news, I was hyper, I know…not anything new…

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