Cat Barf and the Big Finale

Well, the end of a masterpiece of a show finally came to, well, an end! Everybody loves Raymond was a genuine family show that our family gathered around every night to watch together. It’s sad to see it go, and will mostly likely be replaced with a piece of crap. But, hey, that’s reality!

As for my trip up to Virginia this past weekend, it was fun. We arrived at 4:30 AM on Friday and I had to go up the street to a cabin my cousins and I were staying in while the rest of the family bunked at my grandmother’s house. Friday we got on Tom’s old boat (Hard Annie) and went out on the river where it opens up onto Chesapeake Bay and we spread his ashes. It took two boats to fit us all. After that we came back to chili and soup. The next day was Tom’s Rememberance Party where we just had fun with catered BBQ and Fireworks. I’ll have some pictures up soon to show.

All in all, it was a great bonding and rememberance time of a great guy, my grandfather. Plus, it was peace in a time of pure heck of getting ready to graduate!

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