Snot Flavored Custard

My sinuses are killing me!!!! Wow… I had to let that one out. We had special olympics today at school for special students in our county and surrounding counties as well. It was so much fun. I’ve done it for the past four years, and today I had Evan. Wow. He was sexist. He did not care for me other the other buddy he had. My mom, who is a special ed parapro, had to help me out all day with Evan. He had autism and cerebral pausy, not a good mix.
I wanted so badly to skip last block and go get some frozen custard. But, they announced we had to be back in class at 2:00. Curses to the tattle-tale and his!!!! Well, after feeling much worse, I made the class go by faster by having a debate in front of everyone with three other people for twenty-five minutes. I got candy too.
Afterwards, I waited for my neighbor and sister to get to my truck so I could take them home when my pal Josh called and needed a ride. So being the nice guy that I am, I said sure. So I told my sister and neighbor I would take them by Shakes (a frozen custard place). So after taking my friend home and then to work we went by Shakes. While there and enjoying my hot fudge sundaie custard, I remembered, “Hey, you should ask for a doantion for ‘CatchAFire'”. So being the sales person that I am, I quickly went and grabbed my stuff and gave it to a manager who said she’d relay it to the owner.
So they day went on and I spent an hour trying to open the lock to the church sound booth and ended up getting a key from the church secretary at her house (I have to go tomorrow and get Sunday morning’s media stuff together). So finally I got home….and felt like crap. So I began to feel horrible and had doubts about everything and “CatchAFire”. I knew Satan was getting to me, but just ignored it. After getting out of the shower I heard my phone ring and ran to pick it up and found out it was Shakes calling to tell me they had a $20 dollar gift certificate waiting for me to pick up.
I honestly don’t think I realize how blessed I am. In the past few weeks of planning, something bad will happen, and God will quickly fixit and bless me the more. I think I am in shock, because never before have I seen Satan trying to hard to destroy me and Got covering my back and blessing me tremendously. So now, I need to trust He will get the whole event line-up together.

More stuff tomorrow,

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