Shaken Not Stirred

Today was good. My allergies we quite a bit worse, but I will manage. Tomorrow I will be outside all day with volunteering for the Special Olympics. Hopefully I won’t get to feeling worse. I am a tad worried about Trig, because I missed a quiz today and I already have to make up another one. We got our yearbooks in, and being photo editor, I felt it was more important. I just don’t understand what we are doing now, and honestly, I don’t want to put the effort into it. I am worn out and ready to gradute. Needless to say, my grades are going up!! I must have reversed senioritis.
Tonight I had a scholarship interview for $5k. I was so nervous, and already being sick made things worse. I think I did an okay interview. I have never done one before. But Mr. and Mrs. DeSana were nice and so were the other judges. I think I did okay, but competing with over 10 other people makes me think the odds might be stacked against me. But, hey, if God wants me to get this schoalrship, He will get it for me. I just need financial aid badly.

Till Later,

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